I’m tired of fighting for something

when you would never fight to keep me.

take care of the things you love.

     So today I mailed something to an old friend. My friends sent something to him too. I think they did it cause they love me and I love this person. (love not IN LOVE lol) Im his friend and without saying it he needed support from me and I needed support from them.
      I mailed this person something because at one time he taught and gave me things I couldn’t have learned without him. I love him for all of that and I doubt there will be a time where I wouldn’t be there for him (it goes both ways mutual respect). It has nothing to do with him, its because we do these things for the people we love. 
      Sometimes the people we love hurt us and as bad as that may hurt it isn’t the pain that turns us, its the bitterness that we hold on to that makes us cold. It is the patience and forgiveness that keeps me loving. 
     So last night when I was getting all this stuff together and they were writing heartfelt notes I realized that while doing this for him they in turn are doing this for me because they love me and we take care of what we love most. <3

RISE AND GRIND.  Do yourself a favor and..get your ass some Dutch Bros coffee.

RISE AND GRIND.  Do yourself a favor and..get your ass some Dutch Bros coffee.

Salt and Pepper Zip Hoodie: $42Feeling of elation: Priceless

Salt and Pepper Zip Hoodie: $42
Feeling of elation: Priceless


So I havent posted anything in the recent weeek because i was on VACATIOOOOOOOOOOONNNNN!!!

I had an amazing time and did some amazing shopping.
Rodeo is a dream come true even with the greeen peaaacce weirdos

So im back on the grind back to reality and worst of all back to school. Okay maybe it isnt that bad but it still isnt what I would call Disneyland.

The trip gave me more incentive to finish my major faster and get the F up out of here. Im bored and ready to move on from this place but i need one thing before I leave.. that damn degree.

Im having a new business card printed this week. I’ll post it as soon as the design aspect is all figured out!

So here I go I will continue to kick ass and make moves. <3<3<3

Shoulder Strength?

hahaha okay this has nothing to do with real shoulder strength but I really wanted to share something I am currently in LOVE with.


I love the look of the shoulders on jackets, blazers, dresses.
It looks good on alot of body types.
Someone will most likely see me in something with shoulders before spring term is over :p 


So today Coco and I ventured to the Portland area to shop. The best part about the trip was going to Aritzia. For those of you who don’t know what that is 
1. Im so so sorry.
2. Well you’re about to find out.

The website states:

"Aritzia was born out of Vancouver’s upscale department store, Hill’s of Kerrisdale. Established in 1984, our boutiques are now featured in select cities across the US and Canada.

We’re inspired by the energy of culture and connecting you to it, bringing everything we love together in one place. Our favourite books and magazines, music you have to hear and, of course, the fashion. Every store design is unique, from the artwork and graphics, to our friends who DJ in-store. The Aritzia experience is one of a kind, so come check us out.” 

But in this description they fail to mention the amazing treatment each customer gets. I truly loved felt so welcomed by the amazing staff and with all their amazing help I got a few amazing pieces.

  • Talula skirt
  • Wilfred top
  • Talula acid washed denim button up
  • JBrand jeans
  • 2 pairs of TNA leggings

I truly wished I could have bought more. I love new clothing so much sometimes I fail to wear it right away waiting for that “perfect” moment. I still have yet to wear the Current/Elliots I purchased on my visit a month previous.

When I wear these pieces I’ll blog them maybe share some of my adventures while wearing them.

Goal for this week:Buy no groceries so I can go buy more clothes at Aritzia. okay okay im joking but COME ON. You can’t blame me.
Aritzia is one of those stores that leaves people saying,
“I love that, Where’d you get that?”

Now go check out ARITZIA.COM for a store near you!

free fallin&#8217;

free fallin’

Turning black roses red..or blonde?

I know I haven’t posted in a few days. Its been quite difficult with finals quickly approaching I haven’t had much time to write anything. My pc also just broke and I wont be getting my new Mac Book till Thursday. Being as I got out of class early I thought Id come into the library and share my thought abouts


Every season the number one hair color changes. It is currently the darker shades in the lead and has been for the past few seasons I am not completely positive as to why. It may have to do with the rise in celebrity popularity with dark hair. Those vixens. haha

  • Anyways who remembers when Kim Kardashian went blond?

I do and everyone thought it was a hit. I have spent many hours in a salon doing god knows what to my hair I have been every shade every color. Yes I was trailer trash blond at one point. Ive had more colors then a calico cat. With many years of experience and many hours logged under color foils I do know that with dark hair color fades fast.

  • See the difference?

That was just around a mere week after.
Luckily Kim is a beautiful woman and can pull off any shade but not everyone has that kind of variance.

  • The process of going from dark to light can also be a long one. You must pull bleach through any dark hair that you want to be blond then you usually put a toner over the bleach to give you the right blond.

If I was to go off the Redken Shades EQ Color Chart she quickly went from:
Somewhere between 07NB CHESTNUT Medium Neutral Blonde and 09GB BUTTER CREAM Very Light Golden Beige Blonde
TO: between 06WG MANGO Dark Warm Gold Blonde and 08CG GOLDEN TOPAZ
Light Copper Gold Blonde

Although she more then likely didn’t use any of those toners nor did the fade happen with any type of chemical assist Im just trying to give a good description of how much blonde over dark hair fades to a less desired less vibrant hue.


  • Q: How often does your hair grow?

Unless you have to money to be up in that salon all the time this could be an issue. Roots are never in.

  • Q: Where does your water supply come from?

That alone can be a huge factor. There are certain chemicals found in different water sources and can and will turn your pretty blonde into an orange hue

  • Q:How sensitive is your scalp?

The amount of bleach used isn’t usually enough to hurt but there are times that if a scalp is sensitive enough your scalp may burn and scab?

  • Q:Do you trust whose doing your hair and do you have the patience to wait to change it if it turns out wrong?

If you do decide to go from extreme dark to extreme theres a chance something could wrong do to the bleach you may have to wait a couple days to a week depending on how damaged your hair is.

  • Q:Last but not least, how damaged is that hair of yours?

This process can melt your hair off if not careful, so set up a consultation with your hair stylist before making this decision. Any good hair dresser will stop you from doing this if they believe it can damage your hair.


So today I found out that a childhood friend of mine Michael Renner passed. I had recently talked to him on facebook. He was overcoming addiction and he even told me he was married with a baby girl on the way. Its odd how that just happens one day someone is there the next they’re not. It is also the birthday of Todd Doxey a person who passed tragically in a river accident and he is loved and missed by so many people. So Todd we raise our glasses to you.

One of the most heartbreaking things about death is the tole on the ones the deceased leave behind. My father and my brother both died before they even got to watch me graduate. Its funny I have always been really strong about both. My outlook is that I was lucky to have them when I did two people were gifts from god, all apart of his plan for me (whatever that may be). When they passed I carried on with life. Went to school the day after my father and went to school and work the day of my brothers passing. Im not heartless, I hurt and somedays I still hurt but there was nothing I could do and my sadness wasnt going to bring them back. I realize not everyone copes in such ways and thats fine. I know many thought I coped abnormally but until recently I didn’t know how to say or properly express how I feel so I did what I knew..and I took care of me.

So with all the recent talk of death and with a few other events and observations I realize we must live life to the fullest. Why dwell in what we cannot change and why be sad over small things?  Let go.

Id hate for you to be one of those people who takes their last breathe knowing you spent a majority of your life unhappy. I feel like there are so many negative people today? Why so negative? Stop being mad and feeling sorry for yourself. That gets you nowhere. If something is making you sad only you can fix that. Only we have the power to create and demolish negative feelings. Theres a reason you’re hurting let it go or get over it. Whatever you are going through theres worse. Trust me. Ive been there but there’s someone whose been through worse and I am sorry for them and thankful that it wasn’t me.

So do it big. Don’t waste a moment. Laugh hard. Smile big. Live life. Love those who deserve that right. Go hard every damn day.

Don’t let a dream slip away or let life pass you by. Live your dreams for those who have passed. Do what they didnt have the option to do.

R.I.P- Michael and Todd your both such in beautiful hands.

so true.

so true.


I love kickboxing. I go to an executive kickboxing class 4 days a week and.. I love it. I started three weeks ago and I truly cannot get enough I havent missed one class. Working out should be fun AND challenging. I have read that you can burn anywhere between 500-600 calories in one hour of this activity. I also try to run, do abs, and lift a little throughout the week. Switch it up work hard and have fun.


Okay so this is my first post about makeup. So I have become a strong believer in the use of some sort of base for your eye-shadows. MAC Paints are awesome in tube or pot. I use and swear by the paint pot in Painterly. The base is great because the silicone keeps the shadow from creasing and also makes the shadow last longer.


I am in love with these jeans and I am definitely going to invest in more. They have amazing styles for men and women and although a bit pricey they are totally worth it. Celebs love em and so do I! 


shorts on my mind

After my post about shorts last night I decided to go on a mission to find shorts that i want and thatd id buy. So i think i found them not traditional at all but i am loving the look. They are part of the TNA spring collection: ACID WASHED SHORTS!