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Girls placing orders for our snapbacks ? That’s #Swaggggg


Girls placing orders for our snapbacks ? That’s #Swaggggg

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Buy this. Use this. Love this.


BUXOM a mascara by: Bare Essentials.
Trust me when I say that this is truly the best mascara. I have used EVERYTHING from DIOR, GIVENCHY, MAC, BADGAL, LANCOME… The brush is like no other. Please try! thankyou—  



I think in our relentless effort, we find someone so special to us that after some time we tend to forget the importance of one another which can result in the relationship not working out. This may mean you need to reevaluate or let go.. But letting go doesn’t mean you have to stop loving, it only means that you allow that person to find their own happiness without expecting them to come back. Relationships fail, not because of the absence of love. Love is always present. Sometimes it’s just that one was being loved too much and the other was being loved too little. Maybe no ones letting go but you don’t want to end up being in love alone.. I know I dont.

lots of love lots of stuff?

I recently showed my bestfriend/mother a photo of the dress I want to get married in.. if I ever get married. It is the dress I have dreamed of my whole life!

Side note: So I’ve been planning my wedding since I was about five years old  (yes Im one of those) and I truly love weddings, every part of them. I get so excited about them that I can stir emotion about wedding in those who could care less. Talk to me about weddings.. really do it I’ll love it and I’ll educate!

     She said my dream dress is beyond beautiful. She also noted that I can’t wear my dream dress if i never get married. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become obsessed with my education and this idea of career, money and material things. I know I cant buy happiness but I have figured with a great career that I’m good at I can find some happiness? & the money to buy those I love whatever they desire (mainly my mother). 
     I truly have fallen in love with my plan and there is a true elation I feel when I think of my future. Law or Investments? either route is work and I picture myself walking into a sky high office wearing sky high Christian Louboutin heels in a Sandra Bullock Blindside type white suit; White skirt, coral/peach blouse under a white fitted blazer decked in gold Bvlgari jewelry.
    As I look around my bedroom or even my apartment at that, I see: Clothes, Makeup, Shoes (LOTS OF THOSE THREE THINGS) and other random material items most being pretty nice & pretty pricey. All bought by myself or family members. What I fail to see are picture frames filled with boyfriends, dried roses, love notes and anniversary gifts. but theres a reason for that. 

 My mom also asked:
 would you rather be the girl with all the love or all the stuff?

Well Mom….Can’t a girl have both? 

ps- that should be a DUTCHBROS cup. hahaha.

warning GRAPHIC content

Okay not really but right now I am so in love love with 
AllSaints Spitalfields graphic tees.
This is a british brand with both men and womens wear.
Love love love love the unique lines and cuts.

These graphic tees are a collaboration with Laurie Lipton.
Makes me want to put on my leather leggings, ultra high black heels, a big black bag and head out the door. 
date clothing?

Music and feelings its a funny thing y’all

The other day I had the urge to watch the video “Over”-(Drake) as I watched an overwhelming feeling came over me I don’t know if it was elation or sadness. It wasn’t terrible but it hit me. It brought me back to the first time I heard “Best I Ever Had”-Drake, and I remember thinking, “wow this is fresh.” The song fit the spring season, so care free. From that point on millions of people wanted more of something that in the comforts of his city was already a celebrity. From letting Wayne use a verse in late 2008 at the MTV Music Awards to being a featured artist in songs earlier that year. His song prompted a craze meaning he somehow stimulated emotions many people obviously search for. 
I’m not gonna Thank You Later I’m gonna thank you now. I turned on Best I Ever Had that morning and quietly listened as I applied my makeup. 

Later that afternoon I decided I wanted to take it back I put my headphones in scrolled to j on the ipod and hit “Juicy”-(Biggie) made it’s in 94’ but I remember jamming to it with my cousins in the summer of 97’. The sun hitting the pavement, boombox, garage open,wearing roller blades and singing along to this great song that lyrically I knew nothing about. As I listen to it now I know exactly what he’s saying. I understand the chronicling of “rags to riches”. Even now with a completely different understanding I still get that same feeling and can’t help but smile. 
I know you still living your lifeafter death

After that I took it back even farther to “When I Fall In Love”-Nat King Cole (1956). I remember Christmas Eve at four years old dancing on my fathers feet not knowing what this song really meant but as the violin vibrated through the Bose speakers all I knew was that it would one day mean something to me. Today, when I decide to play this song and I hear the violins I immediately think of my future wedding; dim the lights start the string quartet I’m walking down the isle. If my dad can’t walk me down the isle then his memory will. 
"It’s the music of the past that laid down the blueprint for our artists today."



I hate it when you feel like you don’t know if you can trust someone anymore. Or if you ever should have?
Its irritating when someone in question kinda lets you down sometimes, has given you reasons not to trust them.
Its irritating when you want to scream, “IM NOT FUCKING STUPID.” — but u just dont know if you can stand to not have them in your life.
It’s just funny.
I’ve always been there for you as a friend or how you needed
it’s okay i can’t try to convince anyone of anything. 
Maybe I’m too in your face?
Would u rather just not see me at all?
I’ll do that.  
Either way..
You can trust me.

but if you dont want me there.. TRUST ME (ironic).. I don’t have to be. 

Feeeelin this shit right now.I love this book. Hate this movie.  

Feeeelin this shit right now.
I love this book. Hate this movie.  


you passive aggressive little fuck sometimes i just want to kick u in the penis. yup i fuckin said it.

Baby your playing with fire.

needing one of these soon. yum. :)

needing one of these soon. yum. :)